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The first step to beginning our clearing program is a consultation. Our consultation is just that: A time to better understand your personal circumstances, answer all your questions, and then map our explain how our program will work specifically for you. A roadmap / path to clear is planned out and the first 2 weeks of home-care is printed, reviews and routine is taught. A consultation for clearing with us is required. The cost of our acne consultation is $100.


We will do blue light therapy and extractions at this appointment unless contraindicated (note: sometimes the skin is not ready for extractions and we begin them at the 2nd appointment).We do not do any facials or peels at this appointment as they can cause purging early on and they impede home-care usage early on. Instead the focus is on getting daily corrective home-care started to aid in clearing as quickly as possible.  

* If under 13 yrs of age: We recommend our Beginner Young Client Non-Program Consultation . This is much less involved and, as 80% of clearing is with a daily routine, begins them on a path to caring for the skin with a simple daily routine that can prevent acne and begin clearing.

To make the most of our consultation we have clients do the following:

  1. Review our website to better understand our clearing program, homecare product, appointment requirements and approximate costs (See below).

  2. Complete an acne consultation intake form you will receive from us 24-48 hrs before your appointment via text.(please make sure to include your cell phone # if booking online)

  3. If a virtual consultation, we have clients take well-lit front, left + right profile pictures. If in-person, we will do photos in our clinic.

  4. Bring you current topical skincare product to your appointment.

  5. Take note of all supplements and medications you currently use.

  6. Prepare your questions after reviewing our clearing program (below).

  7. Be ready to invest in yourself and follow our tips & at-home routine for clear skin.


At your consultation you will receive our acne clearing program packet full of helpful clearing support information that we review in the consultation.


If you decide to start our acne clearing program, you will schedule bi-weekly appointments with us for your area of concern ( ex: face, face+back or back) during your 12-16 weeks of clearing. It takes approximately 90 days to clear acne: this is because acne comedones have a 90 day cycle: what formed 90 days ago, will take 90 days to surface. Every 2 weeks, your home-care routine is adjusted under the guidance our one of our acne specialists to continue clearing. The goal is to prevent comedones from forming and support you through this cycle, controlling inflammation, purging & clearing the surfacing of existing blemishes. Clients should be ready & prepared for this commitment.

In-Person Program Clearing Appointments: Appointments involve coaching, home-care routine tweaks + an acne treatment. Clients typically see significant improvement by the 4th appointment but everyone is different in their individual circumstances. Appointments are not time based but run approximately 30 mins. You are not paying for the time, you are paying for the coaching & treatment.

In-Person Treatments: The type of treatment done will de determined by what the skin needs at that time. Treatment plans are discussed more in-depth in our consultation. Extractions are a necessary component of clearing. They reduce purging and help us make the right decisions for your skin. The amount surfacing reduces after several weeks of prevention.and extractions lessen after 6 weeks. A frequent question is “Will I get a peel at the first appointment?” Peels too early before the skin is ready will cause purging and irritation due to starting active clearing home-care.. In-person appointments are $75. 6-8 in-person treatments are usually needed for a total of $450.00-$600.

Virtual Support Appointments: After you have completed the 1st time virtual consultation and have purchased your necessary home-care regimen, all your virtual support appointments during 12 weeks of clearing are no charge. We do recommend extractions done by a professional for as part of the virtual clearing program for certain acne, but not all. If virtual, we have you ice and will send along a helpful home-treatment to support your clearing.


80% of clearing is through a custom curated 2x a day skincare routine. Because of how hard we work to create the perfect synergy of clearing actives for our clients, we do not allow clients to use their own product, this includes supplements.. Home-care + supplements typically cost around $175-$250 to start. A beginner clearing serum is started at week 2 at a cost of $38-$70. A different cleanser may be swapped out and some additional anti-bacterial support may be added during clearing if some temporary purging occurs at a cost of $20-50. Around week 6-8 we make a serum change to continue the clearing at a cost of $38-$80.

Some product may not be used in its entirely, this is part of the program and can not be returned. Products last between 8-14 weeks. Total cost for product during 12-16 weeks of clearing will usually cost around $500-$600. However, if more mild acne, this can be less.


You’ll get full support during clearing with us. We are your coaches, your chearleaders, your therapist. We will coach you through lifestyle tips, do’s and don’ts, healthy food support and at-home routine instructions which will be printed and sent home with you or texted to you.

Approximate Total Program Clearing Cost: This is what you can expect for face clearing through our program: $100 consultation, starter 2-week home-care routine: $250 w/ supplement, refills + increases in correctives or %: $500. + $600 in treatments = $1,500

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