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Located in Glen Ellyn, IL, Skin Theory is a highly specialized skin clinic founded on the concepts of intelligent, research-based, safe, effective, transformative skincare and services. We set the tone for following science-based research in determining which ingredients and services we use.Our team of licensed estheticians and certified acne specialists help clients clear and rejuvenate their skin. We are highly successful in clearing acne and other problem skin conditions as well as helping clients with uneven skin-tone, texture and age-related concerns. At Skin Theory we believe in treating your skin as you are, completely unique. Through a functional approach, we do more than treat surface level issues, we look at the root causes of problem skin and age-related skin concerns, helping you transform your outer confidence but your inner confidence as well. At Skin Theory we are at the forefront of skin education and research. Our treatments and custom skincare are designed transform your skin alongside skin coaching and support. We choose safe, effective, beneficial ingredients rooted in science and backed by research. We are proud that Skin Theory has helped thousands of clients achieve healthy, confident skin. 


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