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4 oz, 8 oz

Skin Type: Recommended for All skin types.

Ideal for: Soothing Rosacea. Good to use on body, scalp, and as shaving gel.


Key Ingredients:

Green Tea Extract: Rich in Vitamins E and C, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Beneficial for maintenance of collagen formation and healthy skin.


Kiwi Fruit Extract: Potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory enzymes. High Vitamin C content makes it a collagen and moisture booster as well.


Grape Seed Oil: A hydrating agent rich in nutrients and free-radical fighting antioxidants. Helps tighten skin and combat effects of UV radiation.


Honey: Natural humectant with long lasting hydrating effects. Also contains anti-bacterial enzymes to clarify and protect skin.


Glycerin: A natural and sustainable skin humectant.


  • 2018 Dermascope Magazine Aestheticians’ Choice Award Winner

    Gently purifying. Refreshingly simple. Deeply nourishing. Harnessing the antioxidant strength of Green Tea, Grape Seed and Kiwi Extracts, this gentle, natural formula dissolves dirt, oil and makeup without stripping skin’s natural acid mantle for a revitalizing, non-irritating clean.


    What You’ll See

    Reduced oiliness, inflammation, and redness. 


    What You’ll Feel

    Smoother, calmer, firmer, and softer skin.


    What You Should Know

    Green tea has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cell-regenerating properties.

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